Stud Nut Bolt

Stud Nut Bolt

Stud bolt, nuts, machine bolts and washers are also known as bolting material or fastener. Bolting is the term that used to tighten / create the flange joints connection. Tightening of the flange ensures the leak-proof connection between gasket & flanges.

ASME flanges have a minimum four bolt hole and for higher diameter flanges, the number of bolt holes is always in multiples of four. Selection of number bolt holes depends on the factor such as

» Size of the flange
» Working pressure
» Working temperature
» Flange material

Stud Bolt

Stud has a thread on full lengths or at both ends. As shown in images. It is having three components if washers are not used (two nuts and stud). If you used washer it would become five. Sometimes additional nuts are used for hydraulic tensioning with larger size stud.

The length of stud bolt should be enough to cover entire Nut plus 1.5 to 3 threads exposed. Long studs must be avoided as it increases the chance of corrosion and other damage to exposed threads, which would make subsequent removal difficult. ASME B16.5 gives the required size of the stud. Length of the stud depends on the type of gasket and the maximum exposed thread requirements.

Machine Bolt

Bolts have a thread at one end and hexagonal head on another end. See the image below. In the process, piping bolts are used with lower strength flange types such as GRE/GRP, bronze. Usually, washers are used with bolt to prevent excessive load to the flange.

Nuts Bolt

Commonly Hexagonal Heavy-series nuts used with studs. The nonbearing face of a nut is chamfered, while load Bearing face is finished with a washer face or may be chamfered.

Stud Bolt Specification & Standard

Various ASME standards are used for stud bolts and nuts to manufacturing bolting material. List of such standard is given below.

» Diameter and Lengths of the stud and bolt are covered in ASME B16.5 & B16.47
» ASME B1.1 Unified Inch Screw Threads (Cores and Fine thread series- normally Cores thread series is used for stud used in piping)
» ASME B18.2.1 for Square and Hex Bolts and Screws
» ASME B18.2.2 Square and Hex Nuts
» ASME B18.21.1 Lock Washers
» ASME B18.22.1 Plain Washers

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