ASME SA 387 GRADE 11 Class 1

ASME SA 387 GRADE 11 Class 1

As a pressure vessel grade steel for use in elevated temperature service, is used in a variety of industries and is highly effective, particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, where liquids and gases are often stored at higher temperatures.

The higher levels of chromium also provide excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, which is a must in sour gas applications. Please refer to our technical specifications below for ASME SA387 Grade 11 Class 1...

BS 621 B
EN ---
ASTM/ASME A387-11-2
DIN ---

Chromium & Molybdenum content (according to the ASME specification)

Designation SA387 Grade 11
Nominal Chromium Content (%) 1.25%
Nominal Molybdenum Content (%) 0.50
Color Skin
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