Hadfield Steel Plate

Hadfield Steel Plate

Hadfield Steel Plates Widely known for its work hardening properties, are amenable to high-impact wear applications or those in which scratch abrasion is encountered.

Hadfield Manganese Steel Plate is used where is needed resistance to severe impact or high abrasion.

All wear resistant components in industries like mining, railroad, foundries, quarries, steel mills, shot blasting and shot peening arfabricated from this High alloy steel.

» it's work hardening steel - the a lot of impact and abrasion it gets the more durable the surface becomes
» Steel stays ductile beneath - solely surface layer hardens
» With continuing impact steel will harden to sixty three Rockwell C scale or 668 Brinell
» once rolled ne'er brittle
» Low friction properties
» Non-magnetic
» Corresponds to ASTM A128
» Tensile strength: 120000/130,000 psi
» Yield strength: 60,000/85,000 psi

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